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NAFE News & Notes no.196

5 Tips for Success in the Fashion Biz
By Yolanda Brunson

The fashion industry, just like many other areas of business, has certain rules when trying to maintain a strong hold on a very complex industry. Yolanda Brunson, a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, co-founder of Fashion Emerge and president of Spitfir Productions, is the author of The Ins and Outs of the Fashion Industry—From a Fashion Insider. She offers the following five common-sense rules for success in the exciting world of fashion:

1) Embrace the low points: If it means a few sacrifices, accept them gracefully. Survival in this industry depends on knowing you’ve sacrificed long and hard for those dues paid. Keep your head up, smile and continue to make it happen despite the “no’s” you may hear.

2) Be upfront about your understanding of tasks: If you don’t understand something, bring it up immediately. Ask questions, as many times as needed. You cannot truly do well if you’re not clear on your job function.

3) Winner’s attitude: If you think of yourself as worthy, good things soon follow. If you feel uncertain, prove to yourself that you can pull it off. A strong mentality is necessary to persuade others that you are valuable. It may be intense – but it’s achievable with discipline.

4) Avoid Politics: Avoiding office politics is easier said than done. But if you have a clear understanding of your surrounding circumstances, then you’ll know how to tackle roadblocks.

5) It’s not all about fashion: Sustaining a long career in fashion is more than fashion itself. Having day-to-day common sense and doing a good job well is a big deal. It’s very important to be assertive while following all other points mentioned.

When walking into the boardroom, bring more than the latest Coach bag and fierce strut of the Manolo Blahniks. It also has to be about being sharp and smart and seeing the truth for what it’s worth. Hard work prevails!

. Nector Of a Black Woman-

-Editor/Founder of Fashion Emerge 2009/ 2010

-Interview with Black Writers Reunion Organization BWR 2008

-Appointed Fashion Editor of Jon- Clarke Publishing Magazine- He-Motions Magazine 2007

- 2007 Winner/ Recepient of La Smalls Concierge Million Dollar Woman of 2007

*2006 Press- Fashion Manuscript- March/ May 2006 issue

*Featured in 2005 Fashion Institute of Technology  Network Magazine.     



*Full interview in July issue of The Laundry Source 2005



*Summer 2005 Turner Cable Broadcast interview with BTE (Fashion Cable Program Television


Barnes and Nobels at The Fashion Institute of Technology. Displayed at Author Hall of Recognition, which displays authors who have graduated from F.I.T. ( On record Yolanda is the 2nd author to present and display her book at The Barnes and Nobles at 227 West 27th street.- Book is available at store).


   ***2006 Crowned Queen***

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