Book Excerpt


The Ins and Outs of the Fashion Industry- From a Fashion Insider


Chaper 3 page 60-61


d.) What to Do When Your Boss Screams at You


I worked for someone who gave his employees Christmas cards that had a boss standing on top of his desk with a mistletoe positioned at his derriere (with his pants and briefs below his knees, while a line formed with his employees to kiss his butt.

The inside read




Merry Christmas!


It’s part of the job!

Have a healthy New Year!


 My reply to you is “I don’t think so”


Besides wanting to knock a book over a difficult employer's head, the advice I offer here (that won’t land you in jail, and me liable for advising such an act), is to learn from the experience. Grin and bear it, and while smiling, have a game plan in the back of your mind to seek new employment.


We all have bad days, so you cannot hold harsh words against a person who is generally pleasant. I believe it depends on the situation.  Did you do something that would make your boss react negatively to you?  Even if this is the case it still does not give an employer permission to treat you harshly. The proper way to go about it is to ask your supervisor to a private setting and discuss the issue. Calm down and then consider how to address the situation.


Years ago I was timid and afraid to speak up.  Now it's a different story. If I don’t agree with a situation, I will speak up at the appropriate time. I’ve worked at many companies where the head person was a tyrant and the staff felt the wrath of their fury.  I’ve seen adults old and young shake in their boots when the boss was not happy.  I believe that work should be a supportive, productive environment, especially when spending a full workday with the same people. This is difficult when you have people yelling that their coffee is not dark enough or some other asinine reason to act like a jerk. There are times you will have to do what is necessary. 


It’s not easy to sit back and have someone speak to you in a demeaning way.  I find that it’s a turn-off when I work with people who bring negative energy to the workplace.  Why speak to someone in a way that will make him or her not want to finish the job?  What is the point of belittling an employee because of your personal issues at home?  The fact is that not everything in life is going to be smooth, because that is how life is!  But making someone else miserable does not help our situation.


What I would like to explain and state to the senior managers of these companies is:


It’s not about you, Sir or Madam!


Yes, there are people who are undergoing difficult circumstances, but it should not be at the expense of disrespecting co-workers. No one has the right to harm another individual, be it physically, verbally or emotionally.  A high-ranking manager or executive does not have the right to disrespect an employee, or co-worker. 


There’s a term used when an employee goes berserk at the workplace for low wages, poor performance review, denial of a promotion, or other reasons.  The term is "Going Postal".


Postal worker Patrick Henry Sherril was the neighborhood weirdo because of his strange behavior. His co-workers were also aware of his oddities.  His strange behavior raised concern among his customers and co-workers. Sherill believed he would soon be terminated from his job, so in 1985 he went to his workplace and killed 14 if his co-workers and wounded seven. He fired on two supervisors, and then opened fire on anyone in view. According to some this was the worst mass murder in the workplace by a single gunman in American history. The term “Going Postal” remains popular to this day, because of the increasing number of violent incidents in American workplaces.


Our nation has not fully recovered from the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Many individuals in the fashion industry lost jobs and loved ones, and many fashion industry workers cannot get their bearings even years after this horrific event. Tempers and emotions are still raw for some, whereas others are okay with stepping to the plate when a supervisor screams, “Jane, why are you one minute late?”


This is not the way to start the day with the hopes of being productive. Let’s all attempt to be wise and considerate.