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June 3, 2006

Summertime Fashion Rules-

Happy Summer everyone! Well the weather is rather tricky but it's clear that summer is amongst us. For those residing in New York- we've seen some wacky weather and with the talk of a possible hurricane (future) that may hit New York- hum
yeah it makes some sense in the recent weather forecast.

But on that note- the ladies are ready to show some skin and the men are ready to show those legs- perhaps we may not all agree but it is what it is (smile).

Summer fashion rules:

-Maintain the hair with smooth breezy styles with little fuss.
It will be too hot to glam it up to that extreme.

-Drink plenty of water

-Think light colors.

My fashion forecast this summer is army camo prints.
They are making a big hit in many popular stores (H & M, Strawberry's, Macy's)
The color to make note of this summer is:
Forest green

Final thought be sexy, smart, and be on point with your fashion selections. 

Fashion rules baby!


Sunday, April 30,06

When A Manager Leaves-

What should you do when your boss decides to hit the rode?
Tough question, but the wheels in your head should be turning on how will this effect you.

With this said it's no easy answer on what you should do-
-You can look at this as a blessing.
-Or you can look at this as a disaster that is about to bring you more into the mix of issues you didn't have to deal with

- Well you can go with flow- which is usually my motto.
- Or get to sending out the resume.

Now of course just because your boss leaves does not
necessarily leave your position in question, but do 
understand that you may be inconvenienced a bit until 
this worked out.


Sunday March 12, 2006

Smile in my face will you...

Where do I start here??
The title somewhat sums it up. No matter how comfortable things can be at your office, whether the perfect lunches with the co-workers, or supervisors, this cannot be the time to be totally laxed. 

As mentioned in the book, it pays not to let your guard down fully.

When we bring up our personal issues - please believe in some way or another it may come back later when you least expect to kick you right in the face. 

Smile in my face will you...
is about when things hit the fan your best friend of a "cool" manager may or may not have your back, or that cool co-worker that never really liked you but smiles in your face is waiting for that opportunity to move you out.

Hey it happens-
As foul as this realization whether to you or others who may relate- when watching your back in the workplace and co-mingling game- watch out because there may be snakes lurking! 


Tuesday 3, 2005

Fashion Meets Mayhem...

Let's see what happens when the so- called fashion head hits a wall of drabdom?

It's unfortunate but true- There's a belief that because one has choosen a career in fashion that they are indeed fashionable. Well I can tell you firsthand that this is not the case for many, but definately the case for others. As I stated in my book in Chapter II - Office Politics. 

Again what makes fashion so free in the realm of creativity is just that- the freedom and room to invent or re-invent something the average eye would not think thoroughly in the various options to work an idea.  I say all this to make a point that when you get in this "fashion game", it's only logical to look the part. This by no means requires a hefty extensive credit card to catch up with the Jones" lifestyle, but to indeed be neat and sensibly stylish. I'm not writing about overstepping and exaggerating the creative stone but the evolution of class (though some may lack).

I can list the many examples where some in the industry look a complete mess literally, and wonder why they don't get the raise and respect they indeed should have. Of course dress alone will not totally cut it, if you don't know what you're doing in your job- Therefore, the flip side you can look like a million and still be given the boot! 

Fashion meets mayhem... It's time to wipe out this negative concept and work it!  A little common sense can go very far.

Think about it-
Would you go to a hair stylist that is draped in an unkempt hair style? Would you take the advise of a sales coordinator in a retail clothing store if they indeed looked all untidy, but this was their career...

Just a thought.


Friday November 25, 2005 

Take No Wooden Nickels...

This is a old southern phrase, which means don't always pick up or take seriously what people may throw your way as genuine. In terms of the fashion industry in order to make it you must acknowledge that you will have to grind and pay your dues. There is no better way to stress the importance of learning from the bottom to the top, and showing your tenacity. However you must also know when you are being shuffled through the corners. A company will give you the opportunity, but it's up to you to make the most out of it. However, if you feel that your time and efforts are being met with minimal rewards then it's up to you to make that logical and sometimes evident decision to bounce, leave, terminate (which ever terminology you wish to use) and go elsewhere.

If a company constantly keeps you at bay and promises rewards that you have yet to see, or cuddles you with words to keep you at peace- then it's up to you to review your situation.

Let's see...

After 5 years working for a company and making $10,000, and helping to establish the needs of the company, and being the best team player there is when does the company say thank you? Take no wooden nickels is about stepping to the plate and asking for what you believe is fair for your time and services. If met with stalls or insults - it's obvious what you may need to do. Believe me what one company thinks of you talents in a non-rewarding fashion, another will find your talents immeasureable!

 Know your wealth 

Till next time 



Sunday September 17, 2005

 Misery LOVES company...

 For those reading my monthly blogs let me just emphasize that when you're really not happy at work, it is to your best benefit to relay this attitude with as little people you work with- if possible.You know I can't even say "if possble", because it should be common sense that if you have intentions on leaving your place of work- to just do it!

There should not be a commitee that we seek out with our co-workers to advise the day by day activities when searching for a new job. It is nothing wrong in being discreet about our business. It is not necessary to disclose the dislike of you boss or managers with the whole staff. Don't you think this type of act would be rather foolish?

When we are un-happy at work it is of great need to use caution when displaying negative energy, because everyone picks up on this. This can be a kick in the butt if your boss is aware of your un-happiness and releases you from your duties earlier than you anticipated before making your way out of the company on your pretenses. It's amazing what I hear day in and day out.

Whether you spring through the office with stating "I have 3 interviews today loudly" so your manager hears your woes or present your energy to others who may not be happy in their work (but who may be willing to tolerate their duties) as well. Watch what you do here, it's not fair to try and bring others into your mix unless you have connections that would allow you to get everyone a job elsewhere if the company decides to lets everyone go because of negative energy.

Watch your actions, because it can slap you when you least expect it.