Welcome to New News as we give you more up to date details in regards to where Yolanda is at in her publishing and entreprenaurial ventures-

Fashion Emerge and Mae's Breath Foundation to host 1 year anniversary of in works foundation Mae's Breath. Event held at the Culture Fix -9 Clinton Street, New York City
March 5


Fashion Emerge/ Spitfitr Production-
seeking designers to partake in worthy cause- Seeking T-Shirt Designers 
for lung cancer event in NYC
Go to -
Fashion Emerge
Mae's Breath Foundation

-Fashion Writer for Cloud Blazer News
Russell Simmons  Article

-Free Email consultation on Fashion Emerge May12- more details Fashion Emerge


- Mae's Breath Foundatiom comes live in August 2011- Charity fundraiser in Pushed back to February 2012 to follow- www.maesbreath.org

-Yolanda President of Mae's Breath Foundation- Affiliate of the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation
-Fashion Emerge new venture Spring/ Summer Fabric tours in NYC- go to info@fashionemerge.com to inquire further

2010-2011 Post Production
Dysfunctional Friends and a Funeral-
Wardrobe Supervisor and Product Placement Specialist

January 2010
Go to www.fashionemerge.com for details on 1st Annual Design Competition.

Yolanda Brunson-Sarrabo new venture as head of Fashion Emerge Publications.
Site is in the midst on an overhaul, new concept, new changes, and newer force.

New site to premiere mid August.
Seeking writers- if interested make inquiries at contact@fashionemerge.com








(1/22/2009)  Fashion Emerge Fashion Week Launch Event


Online Resource Center: Fashion Emerge will launch their 3-month-old site with an event nestled in the excitement of New York Fashion Week.


New York, New York, January 22, 2009- Fashion Emerge.com is pleased to announce their impending launch event in February 2009.  Touted as “The New Frontier of Fashion Information” Fashion Emerge offers access to hand picked and reviewed fashion resources, online classes/ seminars, industry interviews and much more.


The world of fashion goes far beyond flash and flair. What makes fashion so intriguing is the varied components, and how they connect in a delicate puzzle of creativity and style. Fashion Emerge steadily presents their readers with structured and complete insight on the real world that makes up the fashion industry.


The much-anticipated launch will mark the beginning of many networking opportunities and online promotion for those looking to reach individuals in the industry.





Contact Info: contact@fashionemerge.com


Company: Fashion Emerge LLC


Country: United States




Website: www.FashionEmerge.com 


Business E-mail: contact@fashionemerge.com